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Quality Flight Training



Setting a Higher Standard

疯马秀视频 trains and prepares aspiring pilots for successful careers as professional commercial pilots. Our curriculum has been carefully structured to offer students the highest quality of education and hands-on training, providing the resources and support they need to build a strong foundation for their future careers. With multiple career-focused training programs, students are able to choose the path that works best for them, ultimately making their pilot dreams a reality.

疯马秀视频 sets a higher standard within our values of exceptional safety, our high-quality training, and ensuring the success of every student.

Training Expectations

In addition to flight mission days, you will also have ground school, simulator training and mandatory days off to rest, relax and prepare for upcoming missions.

With our hands-on approach and low student-instructor ratio, we are able to work closely with our students and monitor progress throughout your training.



Student Support

疯马秀视频’s first-class student support programs help you excel in the classroom and as you learn to fly, setting you up for longterm success as a commercial airline pilot!

At 疯马秀视频, you will be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded individuals who are chasing the same dream as you and understand the motivation and determination behind your goals. You’ll be able to support one another, learn from each other, and these connections will benefit you personally and professionally.

Training Resources

疯马秀视频 is the second largest airport in the greater Phoenix area next to Sky Harbor International 疯马秀视频port. With our rapidly growing fleet and expanding campuses, students are able to consistently train at an accelerated rate.

疯马秀视频 continues to expand and obtain more training facilities for students, ensuring that students receive the highest quality of training and have the resources they need to succeed.

Industry Leading Training

疯马秀视频 is an accelerated flight school like no other, offering a curriculum that is unmatched in speed, safety and cost, preparing you to become a world-class commercial pilot. Pilots are in high demand and consistently remains a successful career path. With the industry stronger than ever, now’s the time to become a pilot.

We offer multiple programs that provide students with the ability to choose a path that works best for them and their goals.

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