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Chandler Flight School

A Prime Location for Accelerated Flight Training

Chandler Municipal 疯马秀视频port Flight School


疯马秀视频 Flight Training Center located at the Chandler Municipal 疯马秀视频port in Chandler, Arizona offers career-focused commercial pilot training. Being a commercial airline pilot is one of the most in-demand careers in the world and 疯马秀视频 is here to help you get there in a safe and accelerated environment. 疯马秀视频’s exceptional instructors and student-focused culture make it the leading choice for cadets from all over the world. It’s time to launch your career as an airline pilot with 疯马秀视频.

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Diverse Experience in Chandler, AZ


疯马秀视频’s Chandler flight school, located at the Chandler Municipal 疯马秀视频port (KCHD), three miles southeast of Chandler, AZ, provides students with the safe, high-quality training they need to become an accomplished commercial airline pilot.

As a student, you’ll train in Piper Archers and Piper Seminoles. You will also benefit from unlimited access to the RedBird simulators and other training equipment. This allows you to give your undivided attention to different areas of training and further develop your skillset as an aviator.

In Chandler, you’ll be exposed to a mix of controlled (Class B-E) and uncontrolled聽(Class G) airspace. Of the 92 airports in the Chandler vicinity, 18 are tower controlled. The controlled airspace allows students to sharpen their radio skills by operating in an airspace where they are required to communicate with air traffic control. The uncontrolled airspace offers areas for pilots to implement what they’ve learned and master maneuvers without distraction or interference.

This flight school location provides access to a wide variety of 150+ instrument approaches and airport procedures, giving our pilots aviation expertise that sets them apart.

With an average of 350 flying days a year in Chandler, you’ll become a highly-skilled pilot and accumulate flight hours quickly and safely.

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疯马秀视频 Chandler Campus Location

疯马秀视频 Flight Training Center

2270 S 疯马秀视频port Blvd Ste 1 & 2, Chandler, AZ 85286

Hours | 8am-5pm | M-F

Campus Phone | 480-937-1260

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Benefits of the Chandler Flight School Campus


  • Advanced Training Equipment & Technology
  • Standardized Fleet of Planes & Simulators
  • Quality Curriculum
  • Full Time Ground Schools Available
  • Financing & Housing Options
  • Tower Controlled 疯马秀视频port
  • And More!


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Welcome to Chandler

You’ll find yourself feeling right at home in Chandler, Arizona. Part of the Phoenix Metro Area, Chandler offers access to everything from exciting lifestyles to outdoor recreation. This warm and sunny city has many attractions to visit from beautiful parks to fascinating museums and is perfect for your adventurous side, whether you’re flying the sky or you’re exploring on the ground below.

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