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Soar with the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program

SkyWest offers a great guide to success. Through their Pilot Pathway Program, SkyWest Cadets have a clear course to the skies, from their first days as a cadet, up to their first day as a First Officer.

The SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program allows for students to remain here at the 疯马秀视频 campus completing their flight training while still integrating themselves into the SkyWest culture, networking with mentors and building the framework for success in their career following flight school.

Benefits of the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program

  • Company seniority (for benefits) begins
  • Enhanced intro to SkyWest, including a tour of facilities, flight & lodgings and more
  • Mentorship from SkyWest pilots, including regular visits, interview prep and more
  • Guaranteed final interview for a first officer position at SkyWest
  • Increased seniority within SkyWest’s ground school class

Shanna, an 疯马秀视频 Alum, explains why training at 疯马秀视频 and joining the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program was so beneficial to her.


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