When is the Best Time to Become a Pilot? Now! Here are 5 Reasons Why



When is the Best Time to Become a Pilot? Now!

The best answer to the question “when is the best time to become a pilot” is of course, now! Need some convincing? Here are some of the reasons why the best time to start your journey to become a pilot is today!

The thrill of takeoff, the new and exotic locales, the prestige of being a captain. Pilots live an extraordinary life, and whether you are just leaving school or are already several years into office work and looking to make a change, there has never been a better time to become a pilot!

1. Pilots are 狈别别诲别诲听

The aviation industry is facing an upcoming . You have probably heard that phrase mentioned around as you have investigated this whole ‘become a pilot’ thing.

It’s true, there is a huge demand for pilots through 2039, over 700,000 in fact! As airlines are sprouting up all over the globe with new routes, new hubs and new planes, trained pilots who can be the captains of those flights are a hot commodity. The industry is growing more rapidly than the current rate can meet.

Becoming a pilot now puts you at an advantage when that demand is truly here. You’ll have seniority and be in demand meaning you’ll have a sky full of opportunities!

2. Pay is on the Rise

To match that competitive scene for pilots, regional and mainline carriers have improved the greatly! According to, as of 2018, the median annual pay for a commercial airline pilot was $130,059. Of course, your pay right out of the training center won’t reach that high, but as you progress through seniority and get promoted to captain, and depending on who you fly for or what you fly, you’ll quickly be worth more! When the demand hits and it becomes a pilots’ market for where to fly, you can be sure the pay will only get sweeter.

3. More Jobs Than Just 疯马秀视频line Pilot

So far, we have talked a lot about the benefits of becoming a commercial airline pilot but that’s not the only kind of flying there is! Pilots can fly cargo, passengers, private, air tour, media and more! By 2037, the industry is expecting a need for over 600,000 pilots – and that’s just for commercial airline pilots. The demand will continue to increase and those with the right skills will find themselves highly valuable and in demand, with dozens of different paths to choose from.

Just check our page聽to see the incredible range of paths a prospective pilot can take.

4. It’s 贰虫肠颈迟颈苍驳!听

Forget about being stuck in a cubicle from 9 – 5, 40+ hours a week with an hour-long commute. You can be a pilot, a captain of both an airliner and your own life. You fly an engineering marvel, taking passengers and crew on a journey across the state, country or even around the world! You’ll be traveling for your job, seeing sights that the majority of people never have the chance to, and that’s without mentioning the view from your office!

5. The Pilot Pathway Program with 疯马秀视频

With 疯马秀视频’s , it has never been easier, safer and faster to become a pilot. Our program is one of the best avenues to receive aviation training and experience. The program is safe, innovative and accelerated, allowing prospective pilots to go from the ground to airline pilot in as little as 2 years!

It sets a higher standard for safety in the aviation industry, with expertly maintained training aircraft, solo-flight safety training and more. We work closely with our airline partners so that every step of the process builds the skills and familiarity with cadets’ future careers.

Once our pilots have finished their training experience they have access to a guaranteed interview with SkyWest 疯马秀视频lines for a First Officer position during hiring periods. 疯马秀视频 and SkyWest partnered to provide this structured and supported pathway for pilots to begin their career.

The reasons are there, the pathway is clear. What’s holding you back? If your dream is to become a pilot and take to the skies, well you know the saying: the best time to start was yesterday, the second best time is today! Take the first step and start your career today with 疯马秀视频 Flight Training Center.

Begin Your Career Today!